Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Alvechurch Parish Council, via its Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, has drafted a number of documents which will soon be submitted formally to Bromsgrove District Council. The Plan and associated documents are currently going through a final 6 week period of public consultation prior to that submission. All local residents and businesses are being consulted at this stage, as are many landowners, prospective developers, statutory consultees and many local organisations within the Parish. All documents can be viewed here, or downloaded, but comments must be made on the comments form and returned to the Parish Council no later than Friday 17th November. Any problems with accessing or downloading the documents should be referred to the Parish Council as soon as possible.

Neighbourhood Plan Documents
Draft NP
Parish Design Statement
Basic Conditions Statement
Sustainability Appraisal
Consultation Summary
Consultees letter
Comments Form
BDC 6 week Consultation letter

The Neighbourhood Plan must be backed by solid evidence. When the Plan is examined, a series of tests will be applied, including an assessment as to whether or not the content is justified by the evidence.

There are two types of evidence that must be provided, as follows:
  • Participation: evidence of the views of the local community and others who have a stake in the future of the area (for example, local businesses and land owners); and
  • Research / fact finding: evidence that the choices made in the plan are backed up by the background facts. This evidence could be either from existing documents, including those which form part of the evidence base for the Development Plan, or from documents / evidence specific to Alvechurch Parish.
  • If agreed at a local referendum the plan will form part of the local legal planning framework, thus giving the community a say in how the parish develops over the next 16 years.

To find out more, visit the Neighbourhood Plan Web Site

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